A few reasons to consider using us....​

  • No more 'Crossroads' set walls- Gas nailed timber studs- more robust and rigid than metal systems, particularly for higher partition walls
  • Less wasted plasterboard- if the boards are to be skimmed, there's less need to fuss over joint positions
  • No more dust - Sanding joints over and over, then still being able to see them in the light...and save time cleaning up
  • Quicker and better finish to your job- plaster skimming is quicker and gives a superior finish...basic flat ready for painting or super polished, to suit your project budget.
  • Specialist finishes - exceed the expectations of your most demanding clients




​                                                                   Your specialist plastering network in France​​!

Services to the trade

We work with selected registered artisans and specialist suppliers to help deliver their projects to the highest standard.

Your board or mine?

From frameworks through to finishings, we can help maximise your return and keep your clients happy. Whether you want us to skim your work, help you skim a larger area or build the frames and board out from scratch, we can help!

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